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G21 Magneto Dynamic Infundibulum

G21 Magneto Dynamic Infundibulum

Price: 5.349,00 €

incl. VAT plus Delivery

Available in 1-2 weeks Available in 1-2 weeks

Manufacturer: Gyraf Audio

Product number: 103_004

Weight: 8,50 kg

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G21 Magneto Dynamic Infundibulum

Gyraf Audio

  • fully passive multi-band clipper. The only.
  • three frequency bands and an overall clipper
  • precise controls of where (frequency), how much (level/drive), and how (cut/clip)
  • tracking stereo operation, only one set of knobs to adjust
  • nice for cleaning up too-dense areas in mixes, keeping mud and ss'es under invisible control
  • "Trim" gain to ensure precise and reliable comparisons
  • expect some learning curve (!)